A videogame set
in a magical universe!

2D Action-Platformer
with Rpg elements

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Astral Equilibrium

Astral Equilibrium is a classic Platform Cartoon videogame with Action-RPG elements set in a Magic Universe inspired, on an aesthetic and narrative level, by the cultural archetypes of ancient esoteric spirituality. The game, although makes the most of all the gameplay elements of a very popular genre, loved and known all over the world, has interesting RPG features to develop the two main characters, Kjan and Elendel. Players will (in some cases have to) choose to face the levels during the day or night, with consequent different game styles, as the Knights of Equilibrium, Kjan and Elendel, were divided and forced by a curse of the Abyss to live in their material body only in one of these two moments. The fights, with melee weapons used by Kjan and with spells of various schools evoked by Elendel, are an essential part of the adventure that will take place in five different universes including four elemental universes and a material universe in which there is the Great Temple of Equilibrium. The Abyss, which has corrupted the souls of the places it has invaded, has a vast army of creatures commanded by dark generals that the Knights of Equilibrium will have to defeat to be able to complete numerous missions useful for the great purpose of their awakening: Stop the Ritual of Absolute Death!